Ditch the expensive, complex and ineffective stack of detection tools.

ARIA ADR gives you a "SOC in a box" that costs 90% less, requires 1/100 manpower and is 100x faster.

  • Six tools in one - SIEM, UEBA, IDS/IPS, Threat Intel, NTA and SOAR
  • AI automation replaces costly manual identification, verification and remediation 
  • Easy-to-read, validated alerts for anyone in IT to be your security specialist
  • ML-based threat models replace time-consuming signature-based rules creation


Maximize the ROI of Your Threat Detection and Response Solution

In this infographic series, we compare the true costs to install and support a traditional security stack for threat hunting and response against the ARIA ADR solution. 

Select which scenario is right for your organization.

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How to Achieve Maximum ROI for Threat Detection
and Response

Organizations are making significant investments in threat detection and response.  Yet, these tools just aren't built for the job of identifying and stopping cyber threats. Our ARIA ADR provides the capabilities of a full SOC, right out-of-the-box at a fraction of the cost and in a single platform. It's the best in the industry for finding and stopping all major attack types.  


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5 Critical Security Advantages with ARIA ADR

With ARIA ADR organizations are able to improve their overall security posture, across their entire enterprise - premises, data centers, and cloud instances. In just one solution they gain the ability to have complete visibility into all network traffic, generate and leverage enhanced analytics from all sources, stop only suspicious conversations while keeping critical devices and applications online, as well as assure regulatory compliance and enforce connectivity policies.


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