Gary Southwell, GM of ARIA Cybersecurity

Thomas House, Life Sciences Cybersecurity Practice Lead of Rockwell Automation

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Thomas House

Life Sciences Cyber and Digital Consultant, Rockwell Automation 

Tom House leads Rockwell Automation’s Life Sciences enterprise team focused on cybersecurity. Tom joined Rockwell Automation in 1999 and has held a variety of roles throughout his career. For the past 15 years, Tom has focused on industrial cyber security, helping to bring the best technologies and managed services to the market. Today Tom works with the world’s largest life sciences manufacturing companies to help secure their digital transformation investments while accelerating the time to value for OT cybersecurity programs.


Gary Southwell

Chief Executive, ARIA Cybersecurity

Gary Southwell is a cybersecurity veteran who worked on deploying some of the first Checkpoint firewalls back in the late 90’s. Since then, he has worked Juniper Networks as an IDS Product director. Later going on to co-found Seceon, an early leader in the use of AI to find and stop cyberattacks. Over the past 8 years, as the executive officer responsible for running ARIA Cybersecurity. Besides managing existing lines of business, his focus has been on leveraging his AI experience to develop simple to deploy and operate solutions which help manufacturers secure both their IT and their Operation Technology production application environments. His goal is to make it easy to automatically stop today’s most devastating cyberattacks before they can do harm. Our products takeover where others leave off when protecting critical infrastructure applications.